Food Processing Automation


Food and Pharmaceuticals processing machines help the human being to solve the urgent requirements in food and pharmaceuticals fields. In recent years, because of population increase quickly, food storage is not easy and when people being sick,they need medicine to cure the disease; the traditional artificial and semi-automatic processing machines can't satisfy people's needs. Those cause the automatic process machines are manufactured. 


No matter in ancient or now, the needs of food and medicine is always a serious problem cornering human's life. Without food, people can't live. As result of the medicine is the best way to cure the disease. In early years, there are not refrigerators are invented. The way to store food is to pickle and dry. The famous typical food is pickle and ham. Capsules and medications are invented recent years because of the process of medicine. Before this, people cure their disease by herbs. Of course, the herbs have the storage limit.   


From Industrial revolution in 18 century, people have a long-term progress in machinery developing; Until 19 century and the beginning of 20 century, computers were developed. This lets the automation processing in machinery is not an out of reachdreams, it becomes a solution really can be realized. In response to quickly increasing population and average life, the requirements of food and medicine enhance year by year. The related automatic processing devices are of course and All kinds of new equipment are innovated.


The perfect combination of machinery and computers make the innovations of food and pharmaceuticals processing machines. But the producing goal is to eat, the choice of producing material and environment is harsh. In the choice of the material making the processing machines, it requires to adapt the food standard to manufacture; the environment is also. By the way, factories can make sure the eating products are safe. 


Kingdy's full IP65 stainless touch panel pcs, monitors, and box pcs can meet the requirements of food safety and hygiene standards. Just wiping water or alcohol, it is easy to clean the device. If water is spilled on the machine when processing, the device will not damage because of IP65 degrees. Kingdy develops new products regulars, to satisfy the processing manufactures needs.