Industrial Automation


Automation is called industrial automation or automation controller is a kind of technology integrating electronic, mechanical, computer even hydraulic and pneumatic concerning fields to replace labor in producing process or monitor the machinery in the process avoiding errors of producing process. The main purpose is to increase the quantity of output and improves the quality of life of human. Relay on the advancement of automation, the life of people is more convenient and faster.     


Because of the rapidly increasing population, people would like to make their life better, this causes the broth of automation. The earliest automation can be tracked to 1930, but it is popular gradually in 1947 which the Ford using automation producing way in his vehicle factories. In the period, the automation is not really popular. Most of the process also as the textile and the electronics industry still need much labor to finish the work. The automation equipment is not stable and too expensive. Comparison with labor cost, the automation is a huge investment. With progress of the computer technology in 1980, the automation is really popular and has a fast advancement.     


Mention to the automation application fields, there are very wide. The fields can include Manufacturing, Transportation, Utilities, Military, Cybersecurity., etc. The categories are as following:


  1. Manufacturing-including machinery, food and pharmaceutical processing, chemical and petroleum, pulp and paper.
  2. Transpiration-including aircraft, MRT, subway and vehicles and ships and so on.   
  3. Utilities-including, wastewater, electric power, gas, and telecommunications. 
  4. Military – this is especially to national defense.
  5. Cyber security - security monitor, environmental control, safety, and building monitor.


In the beginning, the automation is to increase product productivity and reduce the labor cost, but nowadays it brings us much advantages in manufacturing, transpiration, military, and cybersecurity ., etc.

There are main benefits as following:


  1. Enhance quality and flexibility of the operation process.
  2. Increase productivity of producing line
  3. Decrease information errors and make work more efficiency
  4. Raise the security of producing line avoiding damage of employees