Sunlight Readable Solution


Sunlight Readable is a kind of technology making the display seen under sunlight our direct-light clearly. If there is not the technology, the display would be un-vivid even you seen the whole monitor is white and can't see anything.


This Technology is necessary for those outdoor displays that we usually see that interacting with people in the application of Digital Signage, KIOSK, and ticket machines..etc. Nowadays, above facilities play an import part in our life. Without them, our life would be very inconvenient.


Maybe someone would be very curious about the advanced and important technology and would like to know how it works. There are three conditions which can solve direct-light or sunlight problems.


The First one is monitor contrast ratio. We know every light has its own color temperature even the display have one. If the color temperature is higher than the display, it may cause the light of display is covered by other light and this why you can't see it very clearly. To solving the question, enhance the contrast ratio is necessary. The general display contract ratio is 150~300nit, but the sunlight readable display one is 800~2000 nit. In the condition, people can see what the display shows on the direct light or sunlight.


The Second condition is to add glass on the panel. By the way, this will prevent the panel front scratch to increase the life of the display. Besides, using AR-glass or AG-glass is also the way to let the display become readable. AR-glass is a sort of glass coating to reflect light and AG-glass is to make to glass rough and prevent the glass from direct-light. The two ways are different. People can choose what they need depends on usage.


The third condition is optical bonding technology, there is a gap between touchscreen and panel, the air gap will reflect the light to cause un-vivid. By the way, it also let the dust or moist easy to enter. Through using the special glue to attach the touch screen and LCD panel, it will dismiss the air gap. Without the air gap,the light will through the touch screen into the panel and let it display more vivid.


By the environment where the display is, people can choose what kind of way you intend to use. If having more budgets, it also is allowed to use above three ways.